News & Events

Exam Starts from 29th May 2018

Exams Term 3

EYFS Concert 9th May 2018

EYFS Concert

KS2 Concert 8th May 2018

KS2 Concert

KS1 Concert 7th May 2018

KS1 Concert

Art & Creative Week 6th May 2018

Art & Creative Week

World Book Day

World Book Day

Book Week - 22nd April 2018

Book Week

Spelling Test (English and Arabic) 19th April 2018

Spelling Test

Parent Teacher Meetings on 15th & 16 April 2018

Parent Teacher Meetings

Term 3 Starts 8th April 2018

Term 3 Starts

Spring Break from 1st - 5th April 2018

Spring Break

End of Term 2 29th March 2018

End of Term 2

Chess Inter-House 26th March 2018

Chess Competition

Moderation 21st and 22nd March 2018


Term 2 Exam from 11th - 20th March 2018

Term 2 Exam

ECA's Ends for term 2 on 7th March 2018

ECA's End

Maths Week starts on 4th March 2018

Maths Week

Newton In-House Football 22nd February 2018

Newton In-House Football

KS2 Sports Day 15th February 2018

KS2 Sports Day

KS1 Sports Day 14th February 2018

KS1 Sports Day

National Sports Day 13th February 2018

National Sports Day

EYFS Sports Day 12th February 2018

EYFS Sports Day

School Fair 9th February 2018

School Fair

Mid-Term break from 28th Jan - 1st February 2018

Mid-Term Break

Class Photos on 24th and 25th January 2018

Class Photos

Healthy Eating Week starts on 21st January 2018

Healthy Eating Week